Thursday, July 8, 2010

cut it out

A special thank you to Hawaii-based fashion designer Florencia Arias for sending me this wonderful dress! I'm really digging the interesting cutout placement as well as the neat skirt pattern. I threw on a floppy hat, some arm bracelets and rings and went out to lunch with the boyfriend. Yes, we dine out quite often but our stomachs thank us every single time. Our wallets? Not so much.

P.S. Don't mind the multicolored red, white, and blue nail polish. I felt patriotic on the fourth of July and haven't gotten the chance to remove it yet!


  1. wow that dress is gorge xxxx

  2. Gorgeous skirt! Love the cutout on the top, too!

  3. lovely look! I especially like the accessories, mostly the hat!!

  4. This dress is fan-tastic. And looks so great on you!

    Love it paired w/ that hat. perfection.



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