Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greetings from New York City!

In SoHo

The view from the Empire State Building

Bleecker street wanderings:

Outfit 1: Asymmetrical button-up blouse - Wasteland in San Francisco; American Apparel shorts
Outfit 2: American Apparel shorts + belt

Hello, lovers! I know, I know. I've been incredibly inactive here. My apologies! I moved to New York City for school on August 20th. Since then, my life has been jam-packed with excitement every single day, to say the least. The energy in this city is electrifying. I love how there’s something new to see and experience everywhere I go. The subways, the buses, the hustle & bustle — I’m completely enamored with this gorgeous city and consider myself unbelievably fortunate to be here. Have you ever wanted something so badly & dreamed about it for years upon years then finally had it grasped firmly in your plum-manicured hands only to be overcome with a pleasantly overwhelmed sensation every night? It's been difficult to fall asleep on certain nights due to this inexplicable excitement (and from late night/early morning escapades around Manhattan lol).

These photos were taken back in August when I first arrived here, on several sweltering-hot summer days in the city. I've got many more photos to share, so stay tuned!