Friday, November 26, 2010

pumpkin pie palette

Merona button-up shirt; Jeffrey Campbell wedges
Happy Holidays, everyone! I've been living in easy outfits like this for the past two weeks. Found this random leopard print scarf in the depths of my dresser drawers and flung it haphazardly over my shoulders merely seconds before my photographer/partner-in-crime showed up in my driveway to pick me up that afternoon.

I just got home from Black Friday shopping, although I'd hardly consider it "shopping" as I've come home empty-handed (okay, maybe not entirely empty-handed -- a Tommy Hilfiger "super soft plush throw" blanket, a memory foam mattress topper, and lacy underthings). Luckily, the internet exists and my online haunts are fully stocked with everything I've been deprived of, i.e.; new purses, shoes and outerwear. Indulgence is calling my name...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Laced Up

Material Girl lace bodysuit; H&M floppy hat; Jeffrey Campbell wedges; Betsey Johnson diamond stud earrings
A few days ago, I modeled for a talented photographer friend of mine, Kira Okamoto -- here are the results! Be sure to check out more of this lovely lady's work HERE. Thanks again, Kira!