Sunday, August 29, 2010

Denim floral shorts part deux

Floppy hat - H&M; Coral button-up & wedges - Target; Cream denim floral shorts - Ross
All photos by Logan

I was delighted to receive a package in the mail the other day from my boyfriend in San Francisco. The contents of which contained this adorable H&M floppy hat (they are my weakness, as you may have noticed!) and this neat H&M necklace, among other treats. Today I spent some quality time with one of my good friends Logan, who recently moved back to Hawai'i from Los Angeles and who also took these pictures. Thanks, girl! I had to buy the cream version of the shorts from my last post -- they were simply too rad to pass up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She is dancing away from me now

Knit blouse - Goodwill; Denim floral shorts - Ross; BCBGeneration wedges

Finally -- the remote control for my camera has arrived from eBay; thus, an updated outfit post. A new semester has begun and I am already swamped with copious readings and assignments. Sleep will soon become a foreign concept. Anyway, I found this great knit blouse at Goodwill and these chunky BCBGeneration wedges on clearance at Ross for $19.99. Nothing like a bargain or two to brighten up my day and alleviate my end-of-summer woes. Summer vacation may officially be over for me, but that won't stop me from dressing in an ensemble suitable for the warm season. Enter these denim floral shorts. Short and sweet they are.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Bustier-like top - Macy's sale rack for $5; Self-made skirt; Thrifted belt; Velvet wedges

Does the mere thought of velvet conjure a memory of your childhood, the days in which your mother dressed you and your sibling(s) in matching velvet ensembles to take pictures with the Santa Claus in your local mall? Does it do that for me? I shall never tell. Luckily, I will revel in the sweet success of finding a great pair of velvet wedges at a horrid mall store I worked at long ago. Please note, this store is the last place I'd ever expect to find a decent pair of affordable shoes. Lo and behold, I did. For $28, I couldn't not buy them. They vaguely remind me of those amazing Topshop Wisteria wedges. Perhaps a DIY is in order to turn these lovelies into a Wisteria-inspired piece.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

tuck your dress into your shorts

Thick black frames - 80's Purple; American Rag dress; Vintage belt; Levi's 501 shorts; Forever 21 faux fur; Target wedges

SUMMER STAPLES: I'm wearing my American Rag floral dress as a top, tucked into my good old Levi's 501. That's one way to get more mileage out of a single garment. As far as accessorizing goes, stacked bangles + faux fur are some of my favorite finishing touches. Yesterday, my friends and I watched Eat, Pray, Love. I didn't read the book so I had no basis on which to compare the two. My friends, however, did read the book and were unimpressed by the movie adaptation. Nevertheless, the scenes in Rome made my mouth water. I definitely want to get dressed up now and eat at the little authentic Italian restaurant in town I've been meaning to try...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

Feather headpiece - local consignment store; Black frames - 80's Purple; Lace tank top - Macy's; Steve Madden wedges

Now introducing another gifted pair of 80's Purple glasses. While rummaging through the depths of my closet, I rediscovered this feather headpiece. The last time it saw the light of day was Halloween 2008; on which, I sewed + designed my own interpretation of Disney's Pocahontas. The headpiece, a local consignment store find, completed the costume splendidly. Fast forward to August 2010. This time around, I incorporated the headpiece into an everyday look. Feathers and lace make for an interesting pairing. Mixing textures is always fun. And just in case there was any seed of doubt in your mind, my necklace pendant is an acorn...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

ombre fringe + 80's purple + a little vacation

Ombre fringe - DKNY Jeans; American Rag tap shorts; Chanel pendant necklace + Forever21 necklace; 80's Purple sunglasses; Target boots

A huge thank you to the kind folks at 80's Purple for gifting me with this great pair of shades, along with seven others! I was already thrilled to receive their package, but even more delighted to open the box and find eight pairs of sunglasses!
I've had this ombre fringe blouse since last winter and only got around to wearing it now. Shades of black and gray in the summer? No problem. Nothing like a little fringe to add appeal to an otherwise monotonous color palette uncommonly sported in the summer.
WARNING: The temptation to shimmy about all day may occur.
I was away on vacation at the Hilton this weekend. Such a beautiful resort with a fun water slide and plenty of interesting spots to explore! Surprisingly, I managed to leave sans nasty sunburn this time despite the hours spent basking in the sun(I'm prone to burning although two days of redness generally evolves into a decent tan).

Where we spent most of our time.

View of the dolphin lagoon from our hotel room.

Thank you guys for your sweet comments and blog features lately. I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late night dreaming

source: noirfacade

Definitely feeling the styling and its retro cues. I'm digging the way the photos capture the easy (although not always very breezy) essence of summer and music festivals (however, the last photo could have done without the man in the middle -- let's just say the outfits make up for his presence). Bohemia, feathers, multiple textures, wide brimmed hats, fringe.