Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Bustier-like top - Macy's sale rack for $5; Self-made skirt; Thrifted belt; Velvet wedges

Does the mere thought of velvet conjure a memory of your childhood, the days in which your mother dressed you and your sibling(s) in matching velvet ensembles to take pictures with the Santa Claus in your local mall? Does it do that for me? I shall never tell. Luckily, I will revel in the sweet success of finding a great pair of velvet wedges at a horrid mall store I worked at long ago. Please note, this store is the last place I'd ever expect to find a decent pair of affordable shoes. Lo and behold, I did. For $28, I couldn't not buy them. They vaguely remind me of those amazing Topshop Wisteria wedges. Perhaps a DIY is in order to turn these lovelies into a Wisteria-inspired piece.


  1. so cute! i love your skirt and shoes!

  2. Really gorgeous. I love the shoes! Velvet items are a must have for fall.

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  3. I love you skirt, good job , i make my own clothes too, its the best way to be the only one who wears something, it makes me feel different about the other girls here.

    i follow you, xx

  4. love ur wedge shoes!!!! so nice!!!

    xoxo jenna

  5. i do love the top with its bustier style and those velvet wedges are just so darn lovely...wherever did you get them??? :)

  6. Hi!!! I have a fabulous picture of you featured on Gypsy*Diaries today! :)Come check it out and have a fantastic weekend!

  7. so pretty :) i love your shoes and hair !

  8. wow.. beyond gorgeous!! i love your shoes a lot!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. self-made skirt?? wow looks really nice!
    cute pics

  10. Love the outfit! And those shoes aren't my usual style but I have to say I really like the way they look on you and they seem really comfy too!

  11. You're gorgeous!
    And all your wedges are amazing!

    Love love your blog :)

    Andrea & Sandy


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