Friday, March 26, 2010


Kash and I took most of these pictures outside of Borders after sitting in the cafe section, laughing loudly about the inventions in The Big Box Bento of Unuseless Japanese Inventions. Most notable inventions include the butter stick and the full-coverage umbrella. The socks are Kash's and the wedges are Steve Madden. The neon dress number and belt are from my favorite local boutique, THELOOK

Spring break is almost over (1 week is not nearly enough), and I probably would've enjoyed it more had it not been for the copious Business Law readings I've had to study in preparation for the exam on Monday. The week is nearly over and a majority of those readings are still untouched. Nevertheless, I'm sitting on this couch, victim of a sunburn, trying not to lean back. I suppose that's what happens when you sit on the beach all afternoon with a sunscreen that contains less SPF than your Softlips lip balm.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

in shades of gray and black

I certainly didn't intend for my outfit's color palette to match the dismal, overcast weather that day. Nevertheless, these photos were taken in between sporadic sprinkles of rain in yet another parking lot.

On point

I'm wearing a strong shouldered top from Urban Outfitters, courtesy of my boyfriend, Kash pictured above (sans face). The denim cutoffs are a favorite of mine. I believe I bought the stockings for $1 at Walmart and the lace-up heels are Forever21. We are akin to snapping photos in the most random of places.

Cherry Blossoms in Hawai'i

Last month, Kash and I drove over an hour to spend a day under newly blossomed cherry blossom trees. It was a beautiful day -- warm enough for bare legs under my romper but cool enough to wear a light motorcycle style jacket.

meandering about downtown

My lovely boyfriend, Kash.

These were taken downtown in January. I'm wearing a dress I made and boots from Urban Outfitters.

Hello, blogspot. A formal update has been long overdue. I am now on spring break, which is generally synonymous with free time; however, my to-do list would suggest otherwise. Included on said list is updating this neglected blog of mine, something I've been meaning to do for quite some time.