Saturday, August 7, 2010

ombre fringe + 80's purple + a little vacation

Ombre fringe - DKNY Jeans; American Rag tap shorts; Chanel pendant necklace + Forever21 necklace; 80's Purple sunglasses; Target boots

A huge thank you to the kind folks at 80's Purple for gifting me with this great pair of shades, along with seven others! I was already thrilled to receive their package, but even more delighted to open the box and find eight pairs of sunglasses!
I've had this ombre fringe blouse since last winter and only got around to wearing it now. Shades of black and gray in the summer? No problem. Nothing like a little fringe to add appeal to an otherwise monotonous color palette uncommonly sported in the summer.
WARNING: The temptation to shimmy about all day may occur.
I was away on vacation at the Hilton this weekend. Such a beautiful resort with a fun water slide and plenty of interesting spots to explore! Surprisingly, I managed to leave sans nasty sunburn this time despite the hours spent basking in the sun(I'm prone to burning although two days of redness generally evolves into a decent tan).

Where we spent most of our time.

View of the dolphin lagoon from our hotel room.

Thank you guys for your sweet comments and blog features lately. I really appreciate it!


  1. I never fail to lose my sunglasses, so god knows I could use a box of 8 pairs!.. or maybe not, depending on how you look at it, ha ;)

    but, I am soo jealous of where you live!
    It's SO beautiful! as are you.
    I'm a newcomer and I love what I see so far.
    keep up the good work, it's excellent :)

  2. no problem :) more lovely photos! keep up the good work x

  3. Great outfit and wonderful pictures!

    ♥ Maja

  4. great look- the fringe is too cool. loving it.

  5. you look awesome and went through your blog and i'm loving your style!


  6. Ugh, that fringe top is freaking awesome! Love love love!


  7. FANTASTIC! Gosh the FRINGE:)And your photos really rock!

  8. ack! choclit strawberries...*droooolssss*

    that fringe dresss is so rad, i want one!!!! and ooh, the Hilton Hotel has a dolphin dock! i would love to have a close encounter with a dolphin. :)

  9. Lovely your outfit! Love your hair!

    Greetz from Poland

  10. thats okay, no worries :)
    loves that fringe top! amazing.
    and the resort looks heavenly....

  11. crazy about the fringe! come follow me xoxo

  12. Love the fringe !!!!

    Nice blog!!!


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