Thursday, July 14, 2011

self-made skirt + rings

Self-made skirt; Michael Kors sandals; Self-made & Material Girl rings

One afternoon while cleaning my closet, much to my delight, I found a bag of unused fabric. Another afternoon of cutting, sewing, and stitching yielded this floral skirt, a welcome addition to my summer wardrobe. The seashell bar and purple stone rings were designed by me and assembled with the help of a crafty friend. I also have my friend Jill of Oh My Manicure to thank for my super cute nails, the color of which I'm obsessed with! I must purchase a bottle of my own.


  1. You rings are so inspiring ! Love the pattern of your skirt ! You are really talented ! How do you make the ring ?

  2. ohhhhh.....I love your rings and your nails of course! :) The skirt is very cute as well, especially paired with the skinny belt! Loooove it.

  3. i like you shoes, come see my blog, and if fou like it follow me ;)
    xoxo from France!

  4. Me encanta el color de uñas!!

  5. Gorgeous photos - I adore your skirt, I can't believe you made it yourself, AMAZING!! The style is really cute and summery :)

  6. love this sandals


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