Monday, May 24, 2010

I think I'm losing where you end and I begin

Kash and I ate at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in town. A bit pricier than the average restaurant, it was our delicious splurge for the week.
Afterwards, we ended up at the park.

Hat + stripes + gold fringe necklace + distressed light wash denim + gold wedges & boyfriend's socks = yesterday's outfit.

The sunlight intensity kept shifting between shots as the weather switched between sporadic rain drops and vivid sunshine. Hence, the varying lightness in the photos. Such is a normal occurrence in Hawaii, though. It's officially summer and I'm thoroughly enjoying it thus far. Two more days until the Sex and the City 2 midnight show!


  1. your stunning. i love the electric air to your hair x

  2. I just found ur Blog and your outfits and pics are great!


  3. Thank you guys! <3
    I appreciate it.

  4. found your blog and really like it. love your shoes. they are so cute :)


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