Monday, May 3, 2010


This past Friday, Kash threw me a surprise birthday party a week before my birthday, May 8. Needless to say, I was pleasantly shocked. We would've celebrated on the actual date if it weren't for all of the coinciding events taking place this weekend, including the dreaded finals I must take next week.

I wasn't exactly sure where we were headed, but the sunlight was beautiful at that time of day.

I wore an Indah dress from THELOOK Hawaii, American Apparel grid tights and my new favorite fringed necklace.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I did it all for you! Big thanks to Sojung too! :-)

    P.S You looked beautiful that night.

  2. Happy nearly 20th, Alyssa! You guys are so sweet throwing surprise birthday bashes and all. I was going to try to comment without sayin' aw, but, well, awwwww! Shucks. I can't help myself. (-:

    Do you download or buy music? OR BOTH? Ahaha, I feel guilty downloading album leaks but I have been anyway. I always tell myself I'll buy it later when I have the money.

    Have you listened to Neon Indian? If you haven't you should get their album Psychic Chasms, I think you'd like. (-:

  3. Thank you, Kash my love and Logan! I download music, too hahah. I've heard of the band but never got around to listening to their music. I will now, though, thanks for the suggestion. :)


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