Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, alyssa, ce soir!

H&M floppy hat; GUESS button-up shirt; Forever21 purse; Target wedges

January may already be coming to an end but this month marks a whole year since I first started alyssa, ce soir! Thank you SO MUCH, dear readers, for sticking with me and continuing to follow me. I truly enjoy sharing my personal style with all of you. Your kind words and support all year make this whole blogging experience fun and special.

I do apologize for the slowdown in posts lately. These days I feel like I'm going through a dry spell void of any inspiration. I am positive this phase will pass, however! Here's what I threw together the other day when I was running late for class and was forced to grab the nearest clean garment I could find as I made a mad dash for the door. The result? A haphazard ensemble just shy of sloppy if not for my new favorite white button-up. Never underestimate the power of a classic white button-up and its saving grace. (Note: I didn't actually wear the floppy hat to class, though. Doing so would've greatly impaired the vision of those unfortunate enough to sit behind me during lecture!)


  1. I'm so jealous of the place where you live :-) But there're big spiders right? Wuhaaa! :-)

  2. Love the wedges and the denim cut-offs! So effortless, I love it :)


  3. Very nice outfit! I love the hat and those wedges.

  4. Hola!!sigo tu blog desde hace bastante tiempo y me he animado a hacer uno, asique me gustaría que te pasaras por mi blog y si te gusta que lo siguieras, un besazo!!

  5. Amazing simple look. Love it!
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  6. i absolutely love the effortlessness in your style
    great blog, following!
    happy valentine's day!

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  8. well,first of all, happy birthday ! May your blog grow even bigger and even better! I really like your outfits,especially this hat you've been wearing!

    alexandra @

  9. Hello. Would you like to tell about my blog in your blog? It would be incredibly nice. Of course you would get a gift as thanks:)

  10. happy late birthday!

    you havent post latley, i miss you. i follow you on look book too. you are way too stylish and you are from hawaii! i wanna go there one day

    <3 follow me

  11. Happy Birthday blog! Im so jealous of your nice weather im dying to wear shorts but instead its all coats and scarves :( x

  12. You look amazing ! Love your style ! Now following you !

  13. I have just discovered your blog.
    You're so beautiful!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Kiss from Spain.

  14. You look amazing with that hat!
    I'm following you, follow me back?

    Elvira ♥

    Visita mi blog, y sigueme!!!

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  15. Gorgeous outfit and photos!

  16. I found your website very interesting! and you have a great style!

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  17. Cool look dear! Love your floppy hat! Great job! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  18. nice style :)


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