Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh, how i've missed you so

Dearest followers,

I do apologize for my extended leave of absence. These quick shots were taken last month (I know, I know). I feel awful about neglecting my blog but in all honesty, this semester has been the craziest thus far. I've got two more weeks of late night studying/cramming, presentations, and final papers to complete and then I can devote all my attention to my blog again. I also have some great news to share! I'll explain more once everything is finalized. Thank you for sticking with me, despite my lack of updates. You're all lovely!

With all my love,

P.S. How stoked are you now that Spring is finally here?!


  1. yay, you finally updated!! (: ahh, we have to meet up when you're free so you can update more. ;D i'll bring my sd card along too if you catch my drift. what's this awesome news you speak of!?

  2. Love your fringe hooded poncho !

  3. LOVE how you teamed that fringed poncho with a plaid shirt! nice colours :)

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    x Lauren

  4. Yay! Welcome back! Love your shoes!


  5. I love !!!!

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  6. I know how it feels to be so crammed up with term papers and stuff !I hate it when it happens ! But nice poncho,anyway <3

    alexandra @

  7. Welcome back! Cool shot, though!! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  8. First of all, gorgeous pictures!! Second of all, I totally know what you mean. All I have to do is survive until May 25, and my semester will finally be finished. Its crazy the amount of final papers, tests, and finals, can be assigned in two weeks. Yikes. Hang in there!
    annnnd finally..I am your new follower! Love your blog and can't wait for more posts!

  9. Well then good luck with your studies! I feel the same pressure right now!


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