Tuesday, January 17, 2012

caught on film around SoHo

Topshop headband & leather moto jacket with detachable fur. thrifted Doc Martens & sunnies

Playing around with a film camera in one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC -- SoHo. Cobblestone streets, endless boutiques, street vendors selling everything from eclectic jewelry to art created out of NYC subway maps, the perfect mix of both designer + affordable shops, impeccably dressed people...need I list more reasons why I am completely enamored with this neighborhood? These photos were taken on a warm day (40 degrees!) last week. Had you asked me five months ago what I thought of any weather below 50 degrees, I would've responded with a shiver & a simple, "that's freezing!" Never did I think I'd ever use "40 degrees" & "warm" together in the same sentence.

I believe it's safe to say I've adjusted to the weather here...

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