Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year from NYC!

MinkPink faux fur coat, Topshop headpiece, American Apparel chiffon button-up, Forever21 leather shorts, Uniqlo tights & socks, H&M boots

It's been a few months and a couple of season changes since I last posted, hasn't it? (these photos were taken on Christmas Day in Central Park!) My apologies, dear readers. Life in the Big Apple has been a dream. Every day offers something new to see and experience. New York food, New York subways, New York shopping, New York sights, New York energy, New York state of mind -- I'm madly in love with this city. I'm exactly where I want to be. Oh & speaking of seasons...having lived in Hawai'i all of my life where the temperatures fluctuate year-round between 60s-80s, moving to New York City where four seasons exist was quite a change! Never in my life has seasonal dressing become so relevant! At times it poses a bit of a fashion challenge when temperatures dip below 20 & I'm scrambling to assemble an outfit that won't a.) cause me to suffer from hypothermia (my hands are usually the first to freeze!) and b.) cause me to resemble the Michelin man in horrid puffer coats (sorry, North Face). But hey, I love a challenge, specifically fashion-related ones. heheh.

Granted, I miss blogging terribly but life has been so fast paced lately that I'm hardly home & find little time to sit down and blog properly. I made a New Year's resolution about a month ago to make more of an effort to blog -- I promise to post as frequently as possible. I have been taking a multitude of photos since I moved here, however. I'd say I've filled up about three SD memory cards or so...

I really want to get back into the swing of blogging & sharing my personal style & snapshots of NYC life with all of you!

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