Friday, June 25, 2010

Self-made ensemble

Cutout shoulder blouse - self-made; Floral skirt - self-made; Vintage belt; Steve Madden Wedges

The blouse idea came to me several months ago when I started to cut and sew pieces of this great gold-flecked stretch cotton fabric; however, nothing went right with it -- it wouldn't hang correctly, and I kept sewing crookedly. Frustrated, I threw it into my closet, disregarding it as an unfinished project. An entire afternoon of sewing yesterday yielded these results: I revisited the cut pieces and finally finished it, turning it into a cropped blouse. The floral skirt took me about an hour and a half to sew. I found the fabric at a local warehouse sale at a deeply discounted price. Score!


  1. you look so pretty! i really love this look! the floppy hat is a great accent piece. i envy people like you who can sew and create pieces of their own. sigh.

    do send me some love over at

    by the way, ima add you to my blog roll. keep looking stylish, hun!

  2. you made that top?? you're so creative! I love diy projects, and this one turned out lovely!

    Keep in touch :)

  3. This is great and awesome you made it yourself!

  4. This is a wonderful outfit and even more so knowing that you made it yourself - I am always jealous of people who can make their own clothes without them looking like DIY projects! It must give you great pleasure and satisfaction wearing something that is completely yours. Well done!
    I love your outfits on Chictopia so I found your blog and I really like it. I'm looking forward to browsing through all of your past posts.
    Check out our blog if you get a chance. We'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!
    Happy Blogging!

  5. really like your self made style, girl!!! i am loving your look too! if you ever want to shoot with me.. LMK.

  6. Oh, a fellow sewer! This is a fabulous outfit...I totally understand the frustration of trying to make something and it just doesn't work right. I'm currently sewing a dress from a pattern that has TWENTY EIGHT pleats in it...I had to take a break from it, lol.

  7. Your outfit is amazing <3
    I love reading your blog, if you have a chance you can check out my blog and if you want follow as well: :)

  8. Wow...u made that shirt? It's freaking it.
    You should post some of your DIYs :D, just sayin.

    Great skirt w/'re a doll. :)

    What camera do you use? I'm on the hunt for one and your's takes great photos!



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